One last thing.

Hello again, beautiful readers.  With the anniversary of my first international flight and the nostalgia that the new year inevitably creates, India and all things 2018 have been on my mind lately.  For the past month I’ve had nightmares about losing my bag or going bald from a mosquito bite.  I’ve also had beautiful dreams … Continue reading One last thing.



Earlier this year I told a friend that I love saying goodbye - that there's something poetic and beautiful about allowing a part of your life to end as a new chapter begins.  He told me I was crazy to think that.  But I guess naïveté is the after-hours lover to romanticism.  Sure, it sounds … Continue reading “Home.”

The French Quarters and the Cult.

Okay, that title sounds a bit ominous.  Honestly, it wasn't that creepy or strange.  It was actually a really cool, interesting experience.  Over the past weekend my friend and I chose to explore the town of Pondicherry, a city in the Union territory of Puducherry.  The history is rather long and complicated, but essentially this … Continue reading The French Quarters and the Cult.